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The TOMS collection of women's heels and wedges is designed to give you options for both everyday wear and special occasions. From strappy wedge sandals to ankle booties, you can filter by size or style to find the perfect fit and look.

We design all styles of women's wedges, including multiple fabrics and colors for different seasons. Our soft suede wedge heels are perfect for crisp autumn days, while our cork wedges with knotted tops get you ready to stroll down the ocean boardwalk in the heat of summer. Keep your look simple with solid colors like classic black heels, or get whimsical with a stylish pattern that reflects your unique personality.

Every pair of TOMS shoes is ethically designed and created, using sustainably sourced materials derived from plant and recycled content as much as possible. All of TOMS' wedge sandals combine style and comfort while aligning with our commitment to lowering our environmental impact.